Megan and Jonathon { Glasshaus Nursery Wedding Richmond }

October 23, 2016

Imagine planning a pretty garden wedding and not having to worry about what mama-nature (particularly the erratic one in Melbourne) will have in store for you on your special day?

You might be thinking that that is impossible, unless of course you planned your wedding on a whim the night before; and even that might be pushing it because we all know how Melbourne likes to change from blue skies and sunshine to gusty winds and rain with the blink of an eye.

Or, maybe a garden ceremony could work if you had your wedding in a nursery??

That is exactly where Megan and Jonathan celebrated their day; in the incredible Glasshauss Nursery in Cremone, Richmond.

Megan and Jonathan’s romance began four years ago when they had their first date in a park, with Jonathan later revealing that he knew that he had found his one on that very date.

The couple shared their day with 100 of their family and friends, which you can see by the smiles and engaging interactions in the photos, mean a lot to each other. In fact, Megan & Jonathan were not keen to spend any time away from their family and friends, but I did manage to whisk them away on a 2 minute photo shoot of just the two of them as newlyweds.

They also broke many traditions and totally made the day their own, starting off with having their four siblings as their bridal party; Megan’s two brothers and Jonathan’s two sisters.

The ceremony and celebrations were as fun and relaxed as the couple were. The hanging foliage and abundance of flowers and greenery made for such a fresh and alluring atmosphere, with plenty of unique photo opportunities and special moments to be captured.

There was one moment, however, where I felt like photos would not do the experience justice. This was after Jonathan’s speech where Megan, a professional opera singer surprised him with a song. It was such a beautiful moment to be a part of; a room of 100 people, silent and in awe of the bride’s lovely gesture and the magic that she created.

Their first dance started with another surprise: a flash-mob with Megan and her friends dancing to Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk, then pulling Jonathan out of his chair for a dance.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple on their cool urban jungle wedding, and thanks for allowing me to capture your day.