Pre wedding photography Melbourne

When I met with Sue and John to talk about locations and ideas for their pre wedding photos we got talking about all of their hobbies and interested which made me realize I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and get some more adrenaline in my life.

This wonderful duo love the outdoors and their interests spanned from skiing to riding motorized unicycles. I actually though they were pulling my leg a little when i asked them if they had any quirky interests.

We almost cancelled the shoot due to the weather being so miserable in Melbourne the days leading up to it, but made a decision to roll with it, and so the skies opened up and presented us with an epic sunset while on the port Melbourne peer. I had so much fun shooting their pre wedding photos which they will display at their wedding in China (which i wish I was photographing)! One can only dream.

Wishing this wonderful couple lots of love, adventure and happiness in their future.